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Chiropractor in Ringwood, NJ: Our office is conveniently located to help you with all of your health and wellness needs. Our office not only wants to treat patients during appointments, but we aim to educate our patients about chiropractic care and other natural solutions to incorporate into their everyday lives. We hope to inspire and motivate patients to take an active role in restoring and maintaining health in themselves and their families by giving them the necessary tools.

We see patients of all ages, from infants through seniors, and provide the latest technologies for optimal health. Dr. Horton has even developed his own chiropractic technique and incorporates many other chiropractic techniques such as the Thompson/Palmer Technique, the Diversified Technique and the Activator Technique.

Our office understands that even though certain patients may be diagnosed with the same condition, each person can respond completely differently to the same treatments. This is why we provide individualized treatment plans for every patient. We will work with you every step of the way to get you the care you need.

What Our Patients Say

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