Horton Chiropractic: We see patients of all ages from infants through seniors, and strive to educate our patients on the best treatments for optimal health. Dr. Horton’s passion for chiropractic care and other natural treatments has spanned over three decades! He prides himself on providing individualized care for every patient.

Dr. Horton is a published doctor and loves teaching others about the benefits of medication-free treatments. He wants to get to the root cause of any ailment, not just masking symptoms for a temporary fix. Dr. Horton has developed his own chiropractic treatment plans such as the Horton Traction/Disc-traction Technique, and incorporates many chiropractic techniques such as the Thompson/Palmer Technique, the Diversified Technique and the Activator Technique.

Horton Chiropractic has set office hours and also offers by-appointment days to make sure you get the treatment you need, even with a busy schedule. We accept most health insurance plans. Visit Horton Chiropractic to get the personalized and natural care that you need. Call us today.